Wedding Ins and Outs

Wedding ins and outs

Have you seen those tiktoks recently? You know, the ones where big name wedding publications (ahem, Vogue, the Knot, Zola, etc.) are listing their wedding in and outs?

Yup. Me too.

To be honest I’ve never been at the forefront of trends. Fashion is a passing hobby for me and big name brands hold almost no appeal (don’t get me wrong, I’d still love a pair of Golden Goose sneakers). But I’ve always seen the necessity to remain knowledgeable of trends, especially within the wedding industry.

Some of these lists include things like multi-day weddings – Friday ceremonies and Saturday parties are big right now – drone shows (ngl, this would be awesome), and dress codes that encourage “outshining the bride.” Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with following trends. They’re trends for a reason… lots of people like them! But I wanted to share my personal list of wedding Ins and Outs for 2024 <3

Wedding ins and outs


  1. Big genuine smiles. I have a lot of brides saying that they’re practicing their soft smile for their wedding day, and coming from a girl with a severely gummy smile, I totally get it. But I get so so SO happy when I’m editing and see the biggest, goofiest smile on my couples. It means they’re really, truly feeling the moment and experiencing their wedding day in the best way possible.
  2. Late night snacks. This one is definitely a trend, but aren’t snacks always in?? For the receptions that last long into the night a late night snack is an awesome way to get some protein into your guests and give them their second wind. My favorite options? Grilled cheese and tomato soup shooters, chick fil a, and any type of pizza!
  3. Hugs that wrinkle your dress. This one’s for all you Little Women stans – remember when Meg’s getting married and Jo doesn’t want to hug her for fear of wrinkling her gown? Meg says that she hopes she has a great many of that type of wrinkle on her gown because it shows all the hugs from loved ones. This is such a beautiful sentiment. Please please enjoy those hugs from friends and family. Your dress will live and you’ll still look amazing <3
  4. Private last dances. I first photographed one of these at a wedding in Texas (Mac and Mary Paige, big shoutout to y’all!) and fell instantly in love. It was such a wonderful way to wrap up the night, get all the guests out of the venue and ready for the grand exit, and allow the couple to have a few truly private moments together. I’ll always be a fan!
  5. Handwritten vows. I totally get that vows are difficult if you’re not a writer. But I promise, no matter what you say, if you speak from your heart it’ll be perfect.
wedding ins and outs


  1. Family pressure. This will ALWAYS be out. Are you wanting your wedding to look one way but getting a ton of unwanted feedback? Go with your heart! You only get this one chance to share your vows with your partner for the first time so make it look how you want it to.
  2. Soft smiles. Enough said. Let that s*** go and flash all your pearly whites! Extra points for happy tears <3
  3. Prom poses. This is where I come in! You’re hopelessly in love with your partner and that should show in your images. While I’ll definitely help you look amazing, I want to see how you naturally touch and hold each other. Those photos are always my faves!
  4. Lists of wedding ins and outs! Seriously. Let’s stop with these and let people do whatever the hell they want 🙂

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